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2 Hour Fleet Safety Course

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Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driver Training for your fleet operations is provided to employees who operate company owned, leased/rented, or personal vehicles as part of their jobs.  Fleet driver training is offered completely online to ensure that your fleet gets their driver training without the hassles of organizing traditional live classroom training.  Employees are expected to operate vehicles safely to prevent accidents, which may result in injuries and property loss.  Our fleet driver safety training program along with the commitment of employees will prevent vehicle accidents and reduce personal injury and property loss claims.

With Drive Smart and Be Safe Fleet Driver Training, drivers can access their training 24/7.  Fleet drivers will be able to study around a busy schedule; they’ll save time and lower overall risk of injury and collisions.  Reach us at 1-800-397-1898 for additional information.

Our online driver safety training program gives valuable information on:
  • Sharing the Road
  • Driving Defensively
  • Vehicle Safety
  • City Driving
  • Freeway Driving
  • Dangers of the Road
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • And more.

Learning Management System

With Gold Membership, you can manage your driver safety training online with our Learning Management System (LMS) and take advantage of the added benefits:
  • Cost effective
  • Record Keeping
  • Assign Subject-specific lessons as needed
  • Traceable progress
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Lowers overall risk of injury
  • Customized with your company’s logo
The LMS provides a real-time interactive, chart-based dashboard and standard reports by student, group, course, class and more. Use these reports at any time to get up-to-the-second information on your fleet’s progress. All reports include visual charts that are interactive and compatible on mobile devices and tablets.

We will go the extra mile to ensure that every feature and function of the LMS functions flawlessly on mobile devices, including the iPad and iPhone.

Customized Training

Make your Learning Management System your own! We can upload your company logo and header to customized your fleet’s training account.

With our driver safety training, fleet managers can easily assign courses to their trainees, create new trainee accounts with one click and monitor their progress as they go. You can also view a completion report to see who has completed their required courses, download a copy of their certificate and transcript along with the scores they have received.

Subject-Specific Lessons

Drive Smart and Be Safe also offers subject specific lessons that short and to the point. The lessons have been designed by driving safety instructors with decades of experience. Subject specific lessons are easy to understand along with interactive quizzes and full audio. Easy to complete and understand. The audio makes it easy to process the information and apply to actual driving. We offer subject specific lesson in the following subjects:
  • Sharing the Road
  • Driving Defensively
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Anger Management
Drive Smart and Be Safe’s Driver Course is a two-hour refresher course designed to provide convenient training online. The online course offers engaging, interactive learning for all drivers. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of completion. The course is easy to navigate and includes up-to-date information on all aspects of driver safety, with focus on sharing the road, driving defensively, vehicle safety, and driving under the influence, among other important aspects of driving on our roads.

The course is designed with the user in mind and includes:
  • An Easy-to-follow format
  • Learning principles
  • Full-color pages
  • Audio

$195.00 per year

Drive Smart and Be Safe offers a yearly Gold Membership Program for your organization. Gold Membership offers drivers the driver safety course with instant certificate and unlimited registrations for only $14.99 per trainee.

Yearly Gold Membership Includes:
  • The Drive Smart and Be Safe Driver Course
  • 24-Hour Access
  • Self-Paced
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Unlimited Registrations at only $14.99 per trainee
  • Customized Webpage for your organization
  • Learning Management System
  • Reporting features to track your drivers’ progress
  • Administrative access to training reports
  • Discounts on individual Lessons

$19.95 per person
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