Fleet Driver Training Purchase Options

Fleet Driver Training for your fleet operations is provided to employees who operate company owned, leased/rented, or personal vehicles as part of their jobs.  Fleet driver training is offered completely online to ensure that your fleet gets their driver training without the hassles of organizing traditional live classroom training.  Employees are expected to operate vehicles safely to prevent accidents, which may result in injuries and property loss.  Our fleet driver safety training program along with the commitment of employees will prevent vehicle accidents and reduce personal injury and property loss claims.

With Drive Smart and Be Safe Fleet Driver Training, drivers can access their training 24/7.  Fleet drivers will be able to study around a busy schedule; they’ll save time and lower overall risk of injury and collisions.  Reach us at 830-372-4555 for additional information.

2 Hour Fleet Safety Course

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Drive Smart and Be Safe offers a yearly Gold Membership Program for your organization.  Gold Membership offers drivers the driver safety course with instant certificate and unlimited registrations for only $14.99 per trainee.  

Yearly Gold Membership Includes:
  • The Drive Smart and Be Safe Driver Course
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 24-Hour Access
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Unlimited Registrations at only $14.99
  • Customized Webpage for your organization
  • Learning Management System
  • Administrative access to training reports
  • Discounts on individual lessons

$195.00 per year

Short Courses only $7.95 each
These short lessons target specific areas and last about 30 minutes.
Drugs and Alcohol
Under the Influence
Share the Road
Driving Defensively
Vehicle Safety
City Driving
Highway Driving
Dangers of the Road
Road Rage
Drowsy Drivers

$19.95 per person
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Super Easy Audio Course; No Reading
Free Instant Certificate
Tablet and Mobile Friendly
Easy Self-Paced